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Lindsey Deherrera, LMFT

*I am not able to accept new clients at this time*

I’m Lindsey and I am a feminist, an animal lover, a yoga enthusiast, and a trauma survivor.  I enjoy being outdoors, hiking, and anything that challenges me to think a little deeper.  I love learning about people- who someone is, what they’ve experienced, and all of the things that shape them into the person they are.  

While I firmly believe that every person on earth has experienced trauma in some capacity, for many of us, the effects can be deep and long-lasting.  It can impact our relationships, our feelings about ourselves, our ability to stand up or set limits, our personal power, and the way we navigate the world.  It can cause us to numb or check out with substances and it can create depression and anxiety.  The good news is that there are many things that can help.

I have a special place in my practice (and heart) for those who have experienced childhood sexual abuse or have experienced an abusive relationship.  My goal is to create a warm environment where you can feel safe exploring the things that have happened to you.  I use a combination of different therapy techniques to address symptoms of trauma, including Eye-movement desensitizaton and reprocessing (EMDR), Internal family systems (IFS), and trauma-focused CBT.  I’d be honored to hold a space for you and your story.

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