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Hannah Green, LPC

I work with helpers: compassionate, driven people who do work that matters, but whose own wellbeing is often last on the list. Together, we create the space you need to heal, cope, and grow so that you can continue to do the important work you believe in—in a way that’s sustainable for you. My style as a counselor is warm and compassionate, strengths-based and hopeful. In our work together, we talk a lot about story: exploring the narratives that shape your life, letting go of narratives that just aren’t working for you anymore, and writing new, hopeful, powerful stories. 

I honor the identities you hold as the context of your story—I’m queer-affirming and trans-affirming, anti-racist, and value neurodiversity and disability. We’ll talk openly and honestly about the ways that power and oppression impact your story, recognizing that therapy doesn’t happen in a vacuum. The world needs you – but it needs you to be well. It doesn’t need you exhausted, burnt out, disconnected from yourself and your loved ones. It needs people who are kind to themselves, who know their limits, and who love, rest, and play. That’s where creativity and compassion grow. We are all better if you are well.

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