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Jessica Johnson, LCSW

I’m Jess and I am a Licensed Clinical Social worker who is 

passionate about supporting people along their path of healing.  Whether it’s learning to stand in your power, restoring yourself after loss, or finding your center again after a major life transition, trauma or experience of oppression.  I work to support you in expressing your one unique voice, helping you to identify your values, and act with integrity and courage.  

I hold a special place in my practice for teens, young adults, and people who have experienced trauma. My approach incorporates the whole human experience and I draw upon the creative and expressive arts to invite healing and change. Other tools I incorporate into my practice include mindfulness, EMDR, DBT, motivational interviewing, and somatic practices.  

In addition to a love of therapy, I'd call myself a "tree hugger," a flower enthusiast, a parent, survivor and a creative human. I enjoy being outdoors, being curious, and getting my hands in dirt, paint, or anywhere I can enjoy the messy process of learning. I’m interested in social justice, sustainability and supporting folks dealing with all the -isms out there.  I look forward to journeying with you!

*Now scheduling clients in our new Salem office location

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